Dr. Sue Hollinsworth

Patient Testimonials

Here is what patients have to say about Dr. Hollinsworth!

Beautiful Veneers

"Dr. Sue, I want to thank you so much for my beautiful new two front Veneers. It has taken me forever to get the courage to do this and let me tell you it is truly amazing at the transformation of my smile. I haven't smiled in photographs for ages as I was embarrassed at how terrible my front teeth looked. I am smiling up a storm now. It was fast, easy and truly-truly painless. Why Why Why didn't I do this earlier????? Thank you Dr. Sue for helping me smile again. I just got back from Mexico and wanted to attach a picture of my toothy grin for you. -Chris Warner

I love my smile!

Ryann's teeth were broken, had defective enamel,and were very crooked. Braces straightened them, then 2 veneers were placed to give him the smile he always wanted!

Happy new patient

Relief and Appreciation

"Expressing much relief and appreciation for your dedication and professionalism...Thanks for your "gentle" care which has built up my courage and relieved all my anxieties...for a great many years to come. My front teeth feel great, look great,and I am SO happy! You have a lovely front desk reception(which is such a good first impression).I'll certainly recommend you. Much thanks
Kathryn G.

Dentistry with a velvet glove

You have such a soft,gentle touch...it's truly dentistry with a "velvet glove!" Thank you so much.
Dan M.

Family Dentist for more than 20 years!

"All 4 members of my family have been satisfied patients of Dr. Sue since 1980 when we moved to Kent. Dr. Sue is a family dentist, extremely good with small children. She always demonstrates excellent technical and people skills. Her staff is friendly and professional. Costs are in line with my insurance. She always addresses billing questions quickly and amicably. I highly recommend her!"

Professional & Personable

"Dr. Sue is both very professional and very personable. Always listens,always answers questions. Waiting area is like a comfy living room, treatment areas are separate but not closed off, so no claustrophobic feeling. Office staff are friendly and entertaining. Three friends have switched to her on my recommendation."

Great Hands

"Dr.Sue,you have the greatest hands of any dentist I've ever had!"
Bob B.

Honor and Integrity

I have had the benefit of your skill and care for 20 years now. Referring your services is an easy thing for me to do.
The first 25 years of my life I was never anywhere more than a year or two. For the past 25, here in the Kent area I have tried to build a life surrounded by people of honor and integrity. You are one of these people. I hold our relationship as special and precious. You have but to call if you every need anything."

Always met my fears with care and compassion

Dear Dr. Sue,
It's easy being afraid of dentists with my teeth, but you've always met my fears with care and compassion. For that I am very appreciative. Also thanks for encouraging us to get a Sonicare--we love it. Thanks again to you and your staff!"
Laura A.

Highly recommend

"Dear Sue,
I am sure there is no one more afraid to see a dentist than myself and I'm 58 years old. From when I was little until I was about 32, horrible dental things happened to me so I let everything go and as a result today I have very few teeth...Even though the fear is not gone, Dr.Sue and her excellent staff have done everything to make me feel comfortable and have taken very good care of myself and my husband. We love her and her staff and would highly recommend anyone to them.
Kathy S.

Nervous Dental Patient

"I was the stereotypical nervous dental patient due to bad experiences in my childhood; I credit Dr. Sue for helping me overcome this phobia with her gentle and caring approach from her understanding and kind treatment. I am also hearing impaired and she makes every effort to communicate with me and ensure that I understand what she is doing every step of the way. I no longer have the awful fear and dread of dental work because of her. She is the epitome of the 'gentle dentist'."
-Sherry C.

Beautiful person

"Dr. Sue, you not only are the “best” dentist, but a truly beautiful person. Thank you for all your tender care throughout the years. I will hold you forever in my heart."
Peg S.